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How a Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Understand the Law

Written By: Alex Savage - Apr• 12•14

     Fostering and being in a committed relationship can be one of life’s greatest rewards.  There is little that can compare to sharing one’s life with another, and through the eventual turns and shifts in life, you may end up married to a person you love.  While being with the person you love can be one of the best things in the world, there are many other possibilities that can occur over time.  Maintaining a long-lasting and durable relationship can be trying on many people, and some find that they aren’t able to experience the responsibility that comes with making a life together with another person.  In such a case, I heartily endorse couples counseling, as it can be one of the last resources to save a marriage.  However, there can be certain differences that cannot be solved with simple counseling, nor are there complete cure-all solutions for a variety of problems.  As the very last measure, finding a capable divorce lawyer is important to reaching the end steps of a relationship, and will make it a much more bearable process.

Usually a divorce can end up as a messy affair, with a prolonged, loving marriage turning sour without making a clean break afterwards.  In order to break the stereotype of the angry couple, make sure to find a reliable divorce attorney, as they won’t only assist you with any questions you have about the matter, but they will also guide you down a path that will make your divorce manageable and mature.  For example, while you personally might not have lots of experience when it comes to the logistics of a divorce, your attorney will be able to walk you through the extent of the law, from the most basic regulations to some of the finer details that could possibly help you win and/or improve your case!

Perhaps this isn’t your first time having to deal with a child custody lawyer.  Even then, no two cases are the same, so it is just as important to select a lawyer that will help you to the best of their ability.  Do you have children from a previous marriage, or are you also responsible for taking care of step-children from a previous marriage?  There are still ways that you can receive child support for them, even if you are not a biological parent, so keep in mind that there are still new things to learn in order to ease the situation of divorce.

    So even if you have experienced hiring a child support attorney in the past, always remember that there are going to be plenty of new and unfamiliar situations to consider over the course of time.  Families and relationships are constantly changing, so it is of vital importance to always consider going the extra mile to make sure you and your family are properly taken care of through the turbulent times of a divorce.  Always remember that your local family lawyer will be able to assist you and give you new information along the way.

Project management impacts successfully IT.

Written By: Caroline Yates - Apr• 12•14

In any business setting, the most successful projects are the ones that are spearheaded passionately by one or a few committed individuals. These trail blazers know intimately how important it is for their company to work on the plan or take the action step that they are so passionately vying for, and as the backer of the project they work hard to see it through to the end. This employee or group of employees not only has the acumen, but they have the vision as well as the influence and authority to drive the project forward. Without this person or team of people, a project would not happen. This does not only hold true for business projects in general, but also in the real of managed computer systemsAs with any big overhaul or big project, an IT systems project needs to have a passionate and knowledgeable backer. Without this person, not only is it unlikely that the project will be initiated in the first place, but it is also unlikely that the project will be implemented after it is completed if it somehow is put into place.

Herein lies the problem with working on an IT project. Rarely within a business do you find an individual who is passionate enough and has the right kind of and amount of authority to both initiate and implement an IT overhaul or any kind of IT project. Largely, those who are interested in making the company run well have little or no concept about what an impact IT has on their work. This is why in situations like these, hiring an outside IT consultant or a company like Cognoscape to take care of your IT needs is a critical step. In fact, it is the most important one that you can take if you are looking to overhaul your IT system or even tweak them slightly.

http://www.cognoscape.comThe reason that it can be so important to outsource IT work to another company is simple. In fact, many companies do this. The reason is that IT companies have one focus and one focus alone. That focus is working on IT. It is not running the everyday workings of a company, it is not sales, it is not providing any kind of service other than IT. That means that when you hire an IT consulting company to get the job done, you know that they will not only get the job done, but they will make it happen with focus and purpose. You will not be left wondering if it will ever be accomplished or left with long periods of down time when the server is being repaired. With a company like Cognoscape at your side, you will be able to expand and maintain your systems seamlessly so that you never lose a day of business simply because the server needed to be worked on. That is why the project management of IT projects should not and cannot be left to someone inside the company. Get an outsider’s perspective and acumen and use an IT company to do what they do best!

Urgent Care Phoenix Picks Girl Back Up after She Falls from the Heavens

Written By: Elsa Fitch - Apr• 11•14

When I was a girl, we attended a certain church whose property had the most fabulous collection of ancient oak trees. These were the kind of oak tree that grows huge, tentacle-like branches that will often droop all the way to the ground twenty or so feet away from the tree. They reminded me of great, tired old men with canes at rest; I was a creative little girl and given to flights of fancy.

Wednesday evenings was the community potluck. It was my favorite part about church—less sitting on hard pews listening to the pastor, more shared spaghetti and cookies. Couldn’t get any more fabulous than that, especially since at that point I was a bottomless pit. You couldn’t pour food into me fast enough for my liking. I ate my weight in spaghetti almost every Wednesday, to the continual amazement of everyone around me. For some reason, the grown-ups in my life couldn’t wrap my mind around it. They would often come up and say foolish things such as ‘I’ll bet you a dollar you can’t eat every bit of food on your plate’. Surely, eventually, they would have figured out that was a losing bet to take every time. Apparently not.

Anyways. After dinner, the adults would all sit around continuing to eat (they were so slow!) and the children would all swarm outside to climb all over those fabulous, wonderful old man trees. I always climbed highest, because I had no fear of heights and a driving desire to go as far as the branches would allow me into the sky. I never fell; I never even thought about falling. It just wasn’t a thing that happened to me. My mother maintains that it was this thinking that lead to my later visit to the Urgent Care Phoenix. I think she’s wrong. I think that accidents are statistically likely to happen to everyone, and that the following was in no way my fault.

Or, okay, it was kind of my fault. I’d gotten a new pair of nice shoes after losing my previous pair, and I had strict instructions from my mom to Not, Under Any Circumstances, Take Them Off. Sure, fine, whatever, I could handle that. Which rationally meant not that I’d stay out of the trees while in my slippery new shoes, but that I’d just leave them on and climb anyways. Wise decisions, I am not making at this point in my life.

I get to the top of the tree; I think I should get credit for that much, at least. Getting to the top of a tree in slippery new shoes is a big deal. I was pretty rad. It was the coming down that ended in betrayal and Urgent Care Phoenix visits; I stepped on a branch with a bit of moss on it and WHOOSHSWOOP…

I come to lying flat on my back on the ground, a crowd of nearly silent children clustered around me, staring.

“Are you okay?” one of the girls asked, exactly in the moment one of the guys blurted, “Is she dead?!”

Oh, well, that’s nice. Was I dead. No, no I was not. I moaned to show that I was not dead, although really all that proved was that I was not a resting dead. I could have been a zombie at that point, and it really kind of felt like I was. They helped me up, and I tottered back inside to collapse in my mom’s lap.

Needless to say, we cut the evening short and went straight to the Urgent Care Phoenix.

Stone veneer gives a lasting impression

Written By: John - Apr• 08•14

When I visited the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, I fell in love with campus.  All of the buildings fit into the city of Santa Fe, but also felt unique.  The campus had a certain flair that set it apart from the rest of the city.  That same flair made the campus fell unified and together.  While most of Santa Fe is built out of traditional adobe, the Santa Fe University of Art and Design uses many different building materials in its construction.  The building that really impressed me were the ones that had facades made of stone veneer.  I loved adobe and there are plenty of adobe buildings on campus, but the use of a different material on the other buildings stood in strong contrast in a complimentary way to city outside.  While the beauty of Santa Fe has a ton to do with unity of the many adobe structures, I felt that the contrast of other materials was the perfect accent to the city landscape.  The reason that the buildings that used facades made of stone veneer were so appealing was that the stone acted as an organic counterpart to the adobe. The homes and buildings covered with wood or metal siding clash with the Santa Fe style because of the artificial look of the materials.  The fact that stone veneer is created out of real stone gives stone veneer facades a very organic feel that fits into the earth aesthetic that Santa Fe is famous for.  Walking around the campus, I felt a very serene rush come over me.  The architects of the Santa Fe University Art and Design campus used the construction materials of adobe and stone in very intelligent and intuitive ways that created a calming effect on the place.  I was thrilled to feel so comfortable by just sitting under a tree on campus and watching as the students and professors walked around campus.  As a student, I spend most of my days and weeks on the school’s property.  Because of that, I want to study in a place that makes me feel calm, safe, and at ease.  That’s the reason that I am transferring.  I’m looking for a campus where I can spend most of my days.  The buildings, landscape, and atmosphere of a campus have such a great effect on students that I would venture to say that those are the most important aspects of a school.  I love the adobe walls.  I feel like the stone veneer structures are strong symbols of strength that represent the school’s mission statement.  It is very appropriate that the Santa Fe University of Art and Design is such an artistic institution.  The campus itself is a work of art.  That the city of Santa Fe is famous for its galleries and museums seems appropriate for those looking to study art and design.  Building techniques and materials create the souls of the buildings that employ them.  The souls of the adobe and the stone veneer buildings are strong and beautiful.

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Orthodontics Are About the Long Haul

Written By: Quinn - Apr• 07•14

 Orthodontics is a waiting game. There are ways of speeding up the process so that you have to wear your braces for the minimal amount of time. You can take little shortcuts here and there, but at the end of the day you just have to wear them and wait. Because of the way that braces work, you just simply have to wait a long time with these braces. Braces are apparatuses that are affixed to your teeth and gently pull. If they are pulled upon by the braces too hard, then the roots could be seriously and permanently damaged. You could find yourself in a worse place because you were hasty. So the teeth are gently pulled into place. When they are pulled such that there is no more tension on the line, then the orthodontist tightens them up in a specific way so that they will continue to pull in the right direction. Because of this process as it is, then it is not an easy task to expedite the process. There are a couple of effects of this.


First, this means that you want to find the best orthodontist. This is going to be a sustained relationship over a long period of time. It cannot, by its very nature, be a short, tidy medical transaction. This is a medical professional that you are going to have to be able to work with for a long time. So it is important to find the right person so that you are not unhappy a few years down the road.


It also means that you want to make sure that the medical expenses have been accounted for. No matter the method of payment, it is important to make sure that you have them covered. Make sure that you are in clear communication with your insurance company. The costs are going to add up over this long period of time. The braces require a lot of appointments. You would hate to find out a few years down the road that there are costs that you are incurring. Make sure that there is a clear line of communication with your insurance provider so that you know what they are covering and what they are not.


Some of the ways to expedite the process become important, too. For most people, there is little you can do to fiddle with the duration of your braces process. But for some people, wearing their rubber bands is a great way to cut down the amount of time that is needed to get the results that you want from your braces. In general, adhere to the advice of the orthodontist like Gospel truth. Make sure that you are taking her or his direction seriously. This is really the best way to cut down on the amount of time that you have your braces. I cut off a year of the time that I had braces simply because I wore my rubber bands religiously. Listen to the orthodontist, and you might be able to get your braces off sooner than you think.


Organic food delivery just one of many healthy eating options available

Written By: Teresa - Apr• 07•14

Human beings have changed the way the planet works. We have interfered with the environment and changed the way we consume and produce food, goods, and services. One of the repercussions of this has been bad for both our own health and the environment. By mass producing animal meats and products for consumption, we have contributed to a huge increase in methanol released into the atmosphere while simultaneously raising the rates of heart disease and obesity in this country. It is an interesting paradox and worth examining in much more detail to fully understand its impacts on both people and the planet.

At the same time as all of this is happening, there are also increasingly other options available to human beings to help avoid these scenarios. Some farmers humanely raise cattle and grass feed them for healthier alternatives and less cruelty to animals. Other people cut back on or cut out completely the animal products they are eating, choosing to eat a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Some people cannot get on board with completely vegetarian, so they only eat meat rarely or do not cook it at home. Other options exist such as healthy food service delivery stores, which allow you to place your order online and deliver healthy groceries right to your door. This is perfect for even the busiest of people to still be able to eat well and be good to the environment.

Raising our children with these good eating habits is important as well, for they are the ones who will be making policy decisions in the future to protect the health and well-being of the population and the environment. The argument should not be lost that a healthier planet meets healthier people, and emphasis should be placed on options that combine convenience with healthy choices, such as organic food delivery. People in developed countries in particular have grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle and do not want to see that interrupted in many cases, so making it easier to make healthy choices is a necessity. Healthier foods choices at fast food chains and drive thrus can help make sure that adults and children alike are not simply succumbing to the first thing they see and it’s a fattening food.

Some chains have taken big steps towards making their food either healthier or at least offering a wider variety of healthy eating options, such as salads, fruits, and removing trans fats from many of their recipes. Ultimately there is always some individual choice in the matter, and it is widely accepted that individuals do not always make the best decisions for themselves. They do not have to always make the best decisions for themselves either, as long as they are mostly making the right ones. But with the obesity epidemic facing the United States in particular, every individual choice matters on a societal level. We will all end up paying for each other’s decisions, so the time to make the healthy decisions easier is now, not later.

local organic food delivery service

Getting a Photo Booth rental for the best party memories

Written By: Dan - Apr• 03•14

Photo Booth RentalThrowing a party can involve a lot of planning, especially if you are looking to create it on a large scale. There are many things to think about and consider when planning a party. There are many different types of parties it can be planned but having the right items at the party are what are going to make it a successful one. Having a Photo Booth rental at the party can be a great way for many people to create memories at the party. No matter the type of event that you are having creating memories is what having the parties is all about. It’s about having a good time and sharing out with friends and family. No matter the type of event that you have to be successful you wanted to be memorable. One of the easiest ways to make the memories is to have pictures that you can have with you to remember the events that occurred that day. By bringing in a Photo Booth rental into your party you provide an opportunity for many people to take a picture at the party and take it with them when they go. Photo Booth rentals are becoming a great way in which to make parties not only successful but memorable at the same time. If you are like me it is only on a few rare occasions that I’m able to get together with big groups of friends and family. To make sure that these events are successful if Photo Booth can provide a great way for people to create the memories at the event and to really know that it was successful in all that happened, it occurred there. It’s a great way for people who do not see each other very often to take pictures together remember the last time they were able to talk laugh and share memories about the past. Reunions can be a great way to share some memories with your loved ones. Whether it is a high school reunion family reunion or any other type of event in which you get together with friends of the past when you rent a Photo Booth can really make that event successful and memorable the same time. I thought a Bruce brings out the best in all of us. We love to make the faces and get the pictures with the ones we love and want to remember. Being able to take a piece of the action home with us brings memories of the great time you’re able to have. These photo booths are often equipped also record all the pictures that are taken of a special event. This way many people can also take a look and see all the other picture that were a part of the great event that occurred. Dictionary that your event is going to be memorable lasting and a huge success being able to have a rental Photo Booth will be able to provide the memories to ensure that the event is successful and will stick out in the memories of all those who attended for a very long time.

Interior designers love sheers

Written By: Melissa - Apr• 01•14

As a general contractor, I have worked with many different interior designers on home improvement projects over the years. We often need to work closely together as their ideas require the remodel and construction. We need to be on site to ensure that their ideas are feasible when it comes to the construction aspect of the work. And often, the crew is still on site working on some piece of the project when the interior designer begins to decorate rooms that are finished, or begins to redecorate rooms that were not under the construction of the project. And I seem to have noticed, that interior designers often prefer sheers over the windows. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve noticed them so many times that I have to wonder why interior designers put up sheers so many times in the homes they are working on. I don’t really get them, or their usefulness, because you can still see in the window when the sheers are drawn.  I guess that when the sun is still out, it actually makes sense to have sheers in the windows, because the room is still bright, but the direct sunlight is blocked and so are the eyes of anyone who might be looking. That is when the sheers really seem to work well. At night, when the light is on inside it doesn’t matter because you can still see right in. That is when you are going to want to be sure that your interior designer installed shutters, blinds, or other drapery of some kind that is thicker and stronger to block out all the light from the inside of the house. I think that they must install sheers over the windows just for a decorative effect and to change the tone and the mood of the room. This would make more sense to me than using them for practical uses, because they don’t seem to be all that practical for anyone to use, because they don’t really block anything out. They would be nice for just a decorative purpose, as long as there are blinds or shutters behind the sheers, then it might be nice just to have something to look at hanging from the windows. But again, I don’t much understand the use for them, because they are sheers. They would have to just be an additional added layer to the already functional window dressings that have to be installed anyway. Aside from how I feel about their usefulness, and how I feel about the way that they are always installed and I don’t really know why, I suppose that they really do look nice. The rooms that the interior designers work on always look really nice, and I have actually ended up taking some of those idea home with me, because I always learn a little something about the way that rooms look after they are done with them. I see how our construction and their design work together to make it all look functional and nice.


Photo booth rental at the fair

Written By: Melissa - Mar• 29•14

When all of us moms go together to take our kids to the fair last week, we weren’t sure what the kids were going to think the high point of the event was going to be for them. I was guessing the my kids were going to like the animals, especially the baby animals they were going to see. The lambs are usually a favorite, as well as the colts. And there is always the long hall where everyone is selling their home made goods and getting ribbons for apple pies and jams. That is usually my favorite, because I like to escape the heat and I don’t like to wait in lines for rides. With the older kids, we were pretty sure we were going to need to wait in a lot of lines for the rides, and that those were going to be the biggest attraction for them. And we did, of course, end up waiting in a lot of lines for the rides, for the older and the younger kids. They all wanted to go on the rides, and they all wanted to see the baby animals in the long livestock hall. But what ended up being the highlight of the day was the rented photo booth that we came across.  Some one who had a booth where they sold tickets to try to win things, like they sold ticket for rings that you then tried to throw over the neck of a bottle and win things for it. Those booths had put up a rented photo booth, and the kids just loved it. They wanted to take several rounds of photos, all with different props and costumes on. The photo booth had large boxes of props, and so the kids were all doing over sized sun glasses and bright pink boas. There were top hats and mustaches and brightly colored ties. When all was said and done, each time in the photo booth rental gave four photos on a strip of paper, and that strip printed out twice. And then each kid wanted to do it several times, but it was only one dollar each time they pushed the rented photo booth button. So we actually spent less on the photo booth fun than we did on ride tickets, which worked out the best for all of us, because we were all enjoying the fun of picking out the costumes and the disguises, and we weren’t waiting around in the hot sun in line for a ride that only the kids were going to take anyway. So the photo booth rental was actually the highlight of our trip to the fair this year, and now next year I know that we are going to be searching out the photo booth and hoping that someone thought to put it up in the same aisle as the games and toys. Because its better to pay for photos than it is to pay for the rings that may or may not win you a prize. And the parents sure like it better than waiting in line.

photo booth rental

Be Wary of Predatory Lending Practices When Taking on Home Loans on Bad Credit

Written By: Emi - Mar• 18•14

More and more lending and financing companies are providing home loans for people with bad credit, those who have low credit scores. As such, more and more of those people are also availing of those opportunities to own their own house with nary a thought of what they signing themselves into.

Some lending and financing companies have taken advantage of the popularity of those types of home loans and are unscrupulously practicing predatory lending.

home loans for people with bad credit

home loans

What is predatory lending?

According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s office of the inspector general in an audit report, predatory lending is “imposing unfair and abusive loan terms on borrowers.” What that exactly means in quantitative terms takes a long-winded answer. But for those who fell prey to it and have realized how they were duped, predatory lending is deceptive, fraudulent, and unfair, to say the least. The deception starts at the loan origination. Those lending and financing companies deceptively convince potential borrowers to agree to abusive and unfair credit terms. For some of those companies, even if they agree to certain terms favorable to the borrowers, at the middle of the loan period, they themselves violate their own terms especially if they know that their borrowers neither have the awareness, the intellect, the time, and financial resources to fight them on those credit term violations.

How can they dupe many Americans for some time?

Most of those with low credit scores are more interested in how they can buy a home with bad credit rather than fixing their own financial status or making sure they do not fall into agreements that will leave them in worse condition that they have ever been. Some are just narrowly thinking of simply owning a house, and that’s it. They have no perspective of the over-all impact to their financial future when they force themselves to go into something that they neither understand, nor, if they do, are just willing to take the risk for.

The term “predatory lending,” is not legally properly defined. But, there are specific laws against certain specific lending practices that form part of what is called as predatory lending. The term is just used as a catch-all terms for all those many illegal practices in the lending industry.

Some of these types of loans are called as predatory lending: (1) sub-prime and other types of credit cards; (2) payday loans; (3) overdraft loans; and (4) sub-prime consumer debt; most especially if they have unreasonably high interest rates.

Lending and financing companies who practice predatory lending most often target the poor, the less education, elderly, and racial minorities. But, there are significant numbers of predatory lending victims who come from different demographics.

Most of the loans that are subject of the predatory lending practices are loans which are backed by collateral, either a house or a car. Secured credit, as the lending industry calls it. The predatory lenders know that the risk they take when they grant home loans to those with bad credit are mitigated by the fact that they can repossess or foreclose the house when they need to and get back a portion, if not all or more of what they loaned out.

We’re Going To Talk About Investment Management Today

Written By: Caber Harmon - Mar• 16•14

All right kids, oh yes, it’s that time again and no matter who is going to talk to us today, we’re going to learn something right? Ok! I’m happy that you all agree. Now, like always during our career sessions, I’m going to call on a couple people to guess what they think that our guest speaker does for a job so let’s go ahead and get right down to it. Ok, raise your hand if you have a good guess that you’d like to share. Hmmm, ok, lots of hands, I like the participation guys, da da da da…ok, Jason. What do you think that our speaker does for a living? What? Jason, you can’t really be serious, it’s answers like that that really make me worry about you and future. I’m going to ask you to keep your hand down from here on out Jason because we’re trying to be productive here. Ok, I’m not even going to elaborate any further on that so, does anyone have a good, realistic guess as to what this person does for work? Ok, Jaclyn…what do you think he does? What…a plastic surgeon? Haha, good guess but we don’t live in California and I don’t believe that there are a lot of plastic surgeons here in this state. Ok, well I’ll tell you all that our speaker today is Henry’s father and I’m going to have him come in now to tell you what he does and then answer all of your questions. Ok everyone, let’s hear a big round of applause for Mr. Jengles. Come on in Mr. Jengles.

Ok, Hi everybody. My name is Mr. Jengles and I’m really excited to talk to you all today. I left work early today at the investment managmentinvestment management firm just so I could come down here and spend some time here with you. So, everyone knows what money is right? Ok, that’s a very good start because pretty much everything I do has to do with making and saving money. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money but you need money first regardless. Now, I’m not sure how old all of your parents are but at some point, after you and your siblings have almost bled them dry, they’re going to be tired and want to retire. Excuse me, what’s that? Yes, that’s a good question, I think that retirement does have a lot to do with being tired of working, in fact, I think that might be the actual definition. So, they call me a financial advisor and whenever someone wants to talk about how much money they have or need to retire because they’re tired of working, I make sure that I give them the right answers. Now, if they come to me and they don’t have enough money to retire then I try to help them find out a way to save and invest the money they do have so they can retire eventually. Yep, that’s what wealth planning services are all about.

Investing in Lawyer Marketing is a very Good Idea.

Written By: Ben - Mar• 12•14

lawyer marketingIt sometimes seems like there is always a new law firm being advertised on television.  This is a result of the combination of the fact that there are a lot of people in need of legal help and the fact that there are a lot of lawyers.  Though there is a seemingly endless number of people in need of legal aid, it is hard to stand out from the competition, as an attorney.  Investing in lawyer marketing, through a reputable marketing agency, is a very good idea.  Marketing a law firm is quite different from marketing a normal business, in many regards.  For one thing, people expect a great deal of credibility, when it comes to attorneys.  Most reasons why people seek legal help are relatively serious, so potential clients will be scrutinizing your firm.  It is in your best interest to present your firm in the most credible light possible.  As there are so many law firm commercials on television, it is important to set yourself apart from all the rest.  A marketing agency that deals with this sort of thing will be able to help you create a good image for you law firm.  One of the biggest goals of any marketing campaign is to inform people about your business.  It stands to reason that you must present your information in a way that people will be able to access it.  Since everyone is online, these days, your website is one of the best ways to inform people about your firm.  Websites today are often very advanced and interactive.  If you want your firm to be perceived well, you need to make sure that your website is professional and helpful.  It should look professional, yet not flashy.  Too much flashiness could look tacky, as a law firm.  Professionalism and class are better.  If you have hired a good marketing agency, they may also provide attorney website design services.  By having professionals who are knowledgeable about websites and legal matters, you will be able to have the most professional and informative website possible.  Professional web designers are the best people to create a website for you because they know the nuances of web design better than anyone else.  Because the agency also specializes in legal matters, they will be able to present information to your clients effectively and intelligently.  As hiring an attorney is a serious decision, your potential clients will be more concerned with obtaining accurate information from a trustworthy source than anything else.  That is why it is important to provide plenty of information.  However, you also need to provide many different ways to get in touch with your firm.  That way, clients will be able to have their questions answered right away.  Of course, this is all a moot point if people cannot find your website in the first place.  That is why you need to pay attention to search engine optimization.  It is recommended that you hire a professional agency that deals with law firm SEO, as well.

Botox Wasn’t Enough Anymore

Written By: Caber Harmon - Mar• 12•14

It wasn’t hard coming up with reasons to justify getting cosmetic surgery, what was hard was looking at myself in the mirror everyday. To think that I was subjecting the outside world to this old, weathered mitt was a sad thought to me and I needed to do something about it. No one liked getting old, the beauty business didn’t have an answer to aging but cosmetic surgery did. It wouldn’t even have to be that big of a deal, I could be in and out in just a couple days and after a couple months of laying low, hopefully people wouldn’t even notice. I didn’t mind if people knew that I got a facelift but I’d prefer that it looked as natural as possible. I didn’t want the difference to be drastic but I wanted it to be substantial enough that people who were close to me were able to see a difference. I preferred that it was something that someone wouldn’t be able to notice if they hadn’t seen me for a couple or more years. Hopefully they just thought I looked great and didn’t have any reason to think that it might be because I indeed got some work done. I remember being so judgmental in the past when I’d read about celebrities and actors that got work done, I don’t even make money on my looks and I can see now where they were coming from. I can only imagine the pressure that a model or an actor might feel to remain good looking when they depend on their looks in order to make a living. faceliftBotox was something that I was a fan of for a while but I think that it only does the trick for so long, it’s a like a gateway procedure to cosmetic surgery. It made me feel so good for a few days after it was done that eventually, I just wanted it to be that way all the time and I wanted something more permanent. That last time I got it done, I talked to my doctor about the idea of getting a face lift. He told me that I would be a good candidate and if it was something that I wanted to do then he felt very strongly that I’d be happy with the results. It got me thinking a little more about it, I didn’t really know the risks involved, I just knew that I’d have to go under for the procedure. That was the only real risk in my mind because the chances of me ending up disfigured or unsatisfied with the results of the surgery were next to none. I suppose that my husband was really the only thing standing in the way of me getting the procedure done and I was going to have to talk to him about it. I wanted his blessing but it wasn’t a requirement by any means, it was just easier to feel good about something when I had the unwavering support of my better half.

Stop setting up appointments and get seen today at an urgent care facility

Written By: Dan - Mar• 11•14

Setting appointments and waiting for them to come can be an annoying task especially when it comes to the medical field. It is a policy that has lost favor in the sight of many and having your needs met on an immediate basis is becoming much more popular. Urgent care facilities have opened up all of the country benefiting those within their reach. Today they continue to grow by the hundreds every year. Walk in style clinics are making a name for themselves in the types of services that they can offer. Many doctors and physicians are learning to set up their own independent care centers to be able to manage them and take care of people as needed.  Is in care facilities are a great way for many people to get same-day service for the medical needs. Setting up an appointment and waiting can also cause lots of worrying for many people. They’re afraid that if they don’t get seen right away the problems may become much worse. It’s an understandable condition that many people don’t like to deal with. Getting seen the same day offers you the ability to shed light on your medical needs or take care of pain or injury quickly without waiting. You also get to avoid the emergency room the cost associated with it. urgent careWith many benefits continuing to add up with using urgent care facilities it’s easy to see why many people have stopped setting up appointments and gone in for same-day service. If you come up with something that you need medical needs for stopping in an urgent care facility usually helps relieve whatever is on your mind. From getting a regular physical to a shot that you may need hovel way to working with a doctor that can help you with weight loss management all of these services can be met at an urgent care facility. The numerous amounts of benefits continue to grow every day. It is changing the way the health industry works and it is changing it for the better. Urgent care facilities like urgent care Las Vegas helps to relieve patients of their needs and helps them to skip out on the emergency room. It works well for the urgent care facilities as well as the emergency rooms. It helps to alleviate the backups in the emergency rooms and the long wait times for those who may have life-threatening injuries. It’s a win-win situation for the medical field and a win-win situation by the patients. Making sure that you are familiar with all the services you can get out of an urgent care facility can help you to experience your same-day needs on most instances. Urgent care facilities like urgent care Scottsdale means that you can be seen the same day no matter what you are feeling. Get your needs met with a same-day appointment at your local urgent care facility and don’t wait around and waste your time nor your money because you have to wait for emergency care to get to you.

The best neighborhood in Columbus!

Written By: Caroline Yates - Mar• 09•14

I have lived in some pretty interesting neighborhoods in my time. I preface my writing with this, because I feel it is important to qualify my opinions with my experience. I have dwelt in the up and coming Capitol Hill neighborhood in downtown Denver, Colorado, where the hipsters on bikes are endless and u-locks hang carelessly off belt loops. I have experienced the yuppy hangouts in Old City Philadelphia, mixing history with the newly found wealth of a successful youthful class.

And then, I moved to Columbus, Ohio. Not the first place that comes to mind when you think of exciting new places to live, is it? If you were like me when you first heard the name “Columbus” and grimaced a little bit, thinking, “What could possibly be interesting about Columbus, Ohio?” then you are in for a shocker. Ladies and gentlemen, an announcement: Columbus is cool! That is right, I said it. But before you dismiss me as a starry eyed Columbus-convert, let me shed some light on the wonders of this city.

First, it is up and coming. That is the best part. A city that is in the process of urban redevelopment has a certain excitement about it, the excitement that comes from new ways to attract crowds and newcomers. This is the best time to move to a new city, because you, as one of those new comers the city is so hoping to attract, get to help decide what is cool, what is fun, and what kind of a culture the city develops. It is like raising a child, except that the child is a sparkling city ready for anything. And you don’t have to worry about dropping it on its head.

http://www.lykenscompanies.comMy favorite spot in Columbus is by far the Short North neighborhood. It is where I live, so I’ll admit I am a little bit biased in its favor, but it is truly the best place to be. The style of the area is superbly local. It is the best place to get a feel for the city. For foodies and connoisseurs of local dining and culture, this is the place to be. I especially love the gallery hop on the first saturday of every month. I know, it is not a particularly original tradition, but it is a sign of a city redesigning itself. All the great cities have an event like that, and they all are worth checking out.

I discovered my apartment through Lykens Companies. They have awesome properties everywhere in Columbus, from Short North to the Italian Village to campus housing. They really are the place to go when looking for apartments, especially if you are an out of town searcher. The website is really user friendly and helped me figure out which neighborhood I was going to fit in the best. They also made the apartment search really simple for me, which I appreciated. There is a great property search feature on the site that made my search really simple. So, whether you’re looking in Short North or one of the many of awesome dowtown neighborhoods in Columbus, I highly recommend giving Lykens your business.

I love my custom event display booth!

Written By: Caroline Yates - Mar• 06•14

As a small business owner, trade shows are somewhat intimidating to me. I have done well for myself, but being in a room full of larger businesses with significant credentials and years of service behind them makes my work seem measly and minuscule by comparison. Feeling small is never a good way to start off if you are a business person in a room full of other competitive sales people. So, as a rule, I tend to avoid trade shows.

http://www.igegroup.comThen came the fateful day when I discovered I had no choice but to attend a trade show in town. The fact that my company had been invited to attend the show was a compliment in and of itself, and we were even given a prime spot in the show room. I could not say no after this kindness, and I had to hope that such treatment would bode well for my chances against the competition.

I decided I was not going to take any chances with this event. I knew if I was going to stand up and make a strong showing, I needed to make myself seen and heard. We needed to be the black horse of the trade show, the one that no one expected to show up and who ends up leading the group. In order to make this happen, I started to look into trade show exhibits. These, it turns out, play a massive role in setting companies apart in a trade show. Instead of being the small business owner who shows up with a table top display and nothing else, I knew I needed to be the small business owner who showed up with a display that made my company as large as its mission, as large as its goals, regardless of the size.

After some searching, I found IGE Group. Their website is enough to tell you the kind of quality you are going to get when you use their services. They are known for the custom built trade show event displays and for the excellence in construction and in design that they hold themselves too. They are not just any old design firm; they are committed to innovation in the business of trade show display design, and this truly shows when you look at their creations. They are not simply creating projects that will get the job done, they are making a statement for every company they work for. That statement varies company to company, of course, but the central message for each is the same: I am strong, I am confident, and I am the company that fits this hole in your life. That kind of powerful messaging is critical for gaining the trust of consumers. When you select IGE Group, you are not just getting a trade show display. You are getting your company’s essence in display booth form.

My trade show was a massive success. My event display was a huge hit, and it drew customers and clients to me from all over the show room. No more fear of trade shows, the dark horse will return!

Getting My A320 Type Rating Was A Good Start

Written By: Caber Harmon - Mar• 06•14

Do you remember the first plane flight that you’ve ever been on? I do, and it was an absolutely awesome experience that I’ll never forget, unless I get Alzheimer disease or dementia later in life. I never had any fear of flying ever, and from some stories I’ve heard from people who were or are, I considered myself to be quite fortunate. I recall the captain coming on the intercom and telling us about the weather, how the skies looked and what our flight time was looking like. I decided right there and then, I wanted to be the man on the intercom talking to all of the passengers before I flew them to their destination. There’s never been any doubt in my mind ever since, that I wanted to be a commercial airline pilot. When I was growing up, instead of playing with legos and hot wheels, I liked to put together model airplanes. When I got a little older, I got into flying remote control planes and I still enjoy doing that even to this day. I didn’t just want to fly, I wanted to understand the design principles and the mechanics behind it all, so I started with remote control planes. It was an expensive hobby at first because when you crashed your plane, it was almost always damaged to the point where you couldn’t fly it again until you fixed it. I’ve ordered so many model airplane parts that I’ve lost count but installing the new parts and fixing the engine issues when they came up, really helped to further stimulate my interest and understanding of flying. By the time I was ready to graduate high school, I was under a lot of pressure from my parents to go to college, I didn’t want to let them down but I was hell bent on becoming a pilot as quickly as possible. I wanted to go to flight airline trainingflight airline training school instead of college and I was surprised that I wasn’t getting more support from my parents. I guess that they felt that I was obsessed with flying and that college would open my mind up to different possibilities in life, but what they didn’t understand was that I wouldn’t be happy unless I pursued my path. Initially, I started some initial flight training at a local aviation school doing classwork and flying in the simulator. When I ran out of money and couldn’t afford to go anymore, my parents saw how truly dedicated I was and then decided to start helping me out a little bit. They probably figured that when they were retired, they’d want to travel the world and having a son in the airline industry would be quite beneficial. I went on to get the 500 hours of flight time that I needed to qualify to take a A320 type rating course. This was going to certify me to fly five different kinds of medium- sized aircraft and would give me a good foundation to begin my career, then I’d move onto to get my 737 type rating.

Flight Training Intl.

3401 Quebec St.

Suite 9150, Denver, CO 80207

Enroll: 1-303-329-0999

Toll Free: 1-800-233-0050

Our financial advisor helped us strengthen our portfolio

Written By: Todd - Mar• 05•14

financial advisor

I can remember when I was young and I had my whole life ahead of me. I never gave much thought to growing old and retiring and what life might be like once I stopped working. For a long time I lived paycheck to paycheck, barely getting by sometimes and only able to provide for myself. Of course, all of that changed when I met my wife and we started a family together. Ever since then I have been very focused on the future and making sure life after retirement is comfortable for my wife and I as well as securing a sound financial future for our kids and grandkids. We are fortunate to both work and companies that have matching 401(k) programs and our focus for the last decade has been to put as much money in that as possible. The only problem with our investment program is that it doesn’t yield much in the way of returns. We want our money to work for us so that our portfolio can continue to grow and be strong into the future even after we are gone.

Of course we have our own plans before we kick off and one of them is to travel the world. It recently became clear that we would need to speak with a financial advisor in order to make these dreams a reality. Only a financial advisor can give you sound and time-tested tips to help steer your vessel in the right direction and to navigate the waters when things become choppy. One of our biggest fears is losing the value of our pension to the stock market and sends neither of us have much experience in the matter, we rely heavily on the advice of our financial advisor.

What we really like about legacy financial services group is their commitment to helping us achieve our goals. They do not have a one-size-fits-all system that they use for each of their clients, instead they try to customize your portfolio so it works towards your goals and your dreams. While we want to travel the world and leave the rest to our children, some people may want to divide up their assets among relatives or maybe invest in stocks more aggressively in order to have higher yield.

We really trust the financial advisors over at Legacy financial services group because they have built a rapport with us that is based on trust and friendship, not money or contracts. If our investor gets a hunch on a stock or feels that we are making a bad decision he will let us know but ultimately it is always up to us which direction we go.

I will admit that when my wife first told me we were going to CA financial advisor I was a bit skeptical. I did not like the idea of spending money in order to make money but as the saying goes sometimes you have to do it. Looking back, getting in touch with Legacy financial services was the best thing we could do for our money and for our future.


Taking my car to Ford for my check engine light problems

Written By: Melissa - Mar• 04•14

I just recently took my used car in, its getting a little old at a 2006, but it still runs great and I take it in for regular oil changes. So I just took my car in for an oil change last week, and today my check engine light came on.  Occasionally my check engine light will come on when I’m starting my car, but then all the lights on the dash will go off, and so it isn’t a problem. A few times it came on when I was over due for an oil change, but since I just got an oil change I don’t think that it what it could be.  Every time I take my car in for an oil change, I go to the Ford dealership and they do a great job. They are always letting me know whenever I need other services, or if something else is going out and needs to be replaced.  So of course I was a bit surprised when my check engine light came on so soon after my oil change, when the Ford dealership mechanics hadn’t mentioned anything about any other services that I was due for. I always tell them to go ahead and replace whatever part it is that is wearing out, or whatever need to be fixed. So they know already that they just have to come show me what is wrong and I will agree to let them fix it.  Well all the way to work this morning, the check engine light was on and it wouldn’t turn off.  So once I got to my desk I made a call to the Ford dealership and was able to get the last slot today so I can head over just after work.  They weren’t sure what it could be either, because in their system they show that I just had it in there and that there is nothing that they noted as being old or wearing out.  I did a little online research while I was at work, and I can’t come up with anything. All the regularly scheduled maintenance that the website suggests for my car at this mileage level has all been done, and so there shouldn’t be any problems with any of those things.  But that doesn’t tell me anything about why the check engine light came on in the first place, so I’m still just as miffed as I was this morning.  And the mechanic who I spoke with before making the appointment didn’t have any idea either, and he is the guy who worked on my car a few weeks ago when I last brought in in to the Ford dealership.  So the thing that I’m really worried about now is that this is going to be a large and expensive fix, and that isn’t something that I’m prepared for. I have a small amount set aside for car repairs, but nothing for major problems. I can’t really afford for the check engine light to come on.

check engine light

Aviation Attorneys Help Delivery Business Expand With Aircraft Purchase

Written By: Teresa - Mar• 01•14

Chad started a small delivery business about ten years ago. First, it was just him on his bike, delivering papers and legal documents to and from across town. He started to get more business than he could handle after a couple of months, and ended up using one of his friends to take on some of the extra clients. After several years, the two had successfully grown their small bike messenger service into a large, multi-city delivery operation that included bike messengers, car service, and now, they are looking to expand into air delivery. They had been researching various business models for several months, and decided that the best way for them to get started was by purchasing their own company aircraft.

Realizing how complicated it could be to do that very thing, they reached out to a well respected firm with a specialized branch of aircraft purchase attorneys who would be able to help. Their initial meeting was very promising. The aviation attorneys laid out the spectrum of legal and sales issues that would be presented by purchasing an aircraft, and offered their services if Chad and his business partner decided to proceed.

They had been thinking about it for a long time and had a specific budget, and determined that if they could keep the business aviation lawyers, the aircraft itself, and all of the bureaucratic hurdles to the right amount of money then they would go through with it. They knew it would be beneficial to their business and expand their client base exponentially. After a few more days of deliberation, Chad and his business partner decided to go ahead and start the process. They hired the attorneys to begin the search for the aircraft, and also to begin filing the proper paperwork with the Federal Aviation Administration. They would have to abide by all federal and state regulations, and also needed business licenses filed in each state they planned to do business in.

Trade law and federal regulation are very specific about how business can be conducted with aircraft, and how they must be stored, insured, and piloted, among other issues. The process would take a couple of months before it would be complete, but they knew it would be worth the wait. Their client load was already too heavy and they were spending a fortune trying to complete jobs without having their own aircraft available. They were anxious to expand their business to be able to serve all of their clients and gain more clients and business.

After a couple of months, Chad and his partner were very close to being the new owners of a corporate aircraft that they would use to further develop their delivery business. The investment would ultimately lead them to become major players in the industry, a level of success they would never have been able to achieve without the aircraft idea. It was a level of success that ten years ago, riding their bikes across town, they could not even have imagined.

business aviation lawyers